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  • Hiwa i te Rangi
  • Te Kohekohe Playgroup


To explore the lived experience of being a māmā in Kaikohe

This was a collaborative project between Hiwa i te Rangi, Te Kohekohe Playgroup and ĀKAU. Our role was to facilitate creative workshops that helped to build a community among our māmā and celebrate being a parent. The kaupapa also sought to gain insight into the barriers for māmā in Kaikohe. The result was a three-day screen printing workshop that investigated the concepts of Te Timatanga – the creation of life and the stages of pregnancy and birthing throughout three phases. Māmā used pattern making and screen printing to tell their stories of motherhood, with a documentary about the process being released later in 2018.

Te Pō: gestation, the ‘seed,' mauri

Te Whaiao: birth, growth and bonding

Te Ao Mārama: environment, thriving babies and parenting