ĀKAU Futures!

2015 - present


    To engage young people who don’t fit into the mainstream education system, and get them working on real projects in their own communities

    Since its origins in 2015, Futures! has evolved through our learnings of working with taitamariki. Futures! is contextual and personal – it adapts to the young people that come to us. Currently a series of modules correlating with each of the four seasons, students go on a journey of self-exploration, community engagement and experience on real projects. We believe (and our taitamariki do too!) that education needs to be tangible, connected to the community and offer experiences outside of normal day-to-day life. As we work, we’re always looking forward to the future and what it might bring. Some students have gone on to attend university, become ĀKAU interns and gain full time employment – all achievements these students only dreamt of before attending Futures!

    It’s strengthened my goal to become successful in life... You need to stay focused, not all things turn out the way you plan but the end result should be good. I’m going to apply for Uni for 2016 and if I don’t get in, apply again in 2017!

    – Te Teira Rakete

    Photography: Bev Meldrum and ĀKAU