ĀKAU Futures! | Kaikohe East Primary


    ĀKAU Futures! enhances other education programmes by captivating, inspiring and building skills with taitamariki who are showing early signs of disconnecting with education.

    ĀKAU Futures Teina has shown us that creativity and the design process flows just as easily for our younger generation! Helping tamariki recognise themselves as learners at an earlier age allows them more room to identify their strengths and passions and helps them develop their choices - where they want to go and what they want to do.

    ĀKAU Futures is structured into four modules throughout the year. These are themed around the four seasons and reflect the cycles of the year to ground ĀKAU design education in the changes within the surrounding taiao as well as encouraging Futures to have a kaupapa Māori approach.

    ĀKAU Futures! is based around tangible hands on learning, design process and discovery, making positive connections and celebrating self identity, strengths and passions. The 10 tamariki from Kaikohe East aged 9-10 who have been identified as being at risk of disengaging with education have been highly engaged through Futures! At every workshop they have created tangible outcomes which varied from sculptures, photography, drawings and flags. They are proud of their mahi and we're looking forward to helping them design and build their Taniwha inspired outdoor play area by the end of the year!

    “It’s still hanging and is the only thing they haven’t trashed. They have even added to it. It is something they have created which brings them a whole new level of pride to their accomplishment.” - Kaikohe East Kaiako

    Being up at the studio gave them a whole new feeling, it made them feel important as it’s not like a school environment which they feel isn’t quite the right fit for them. They’ve been shown that you can do things another way which gave them other ways of thinking.

    Kaikohe East Kaiako