ĀKAU Futures! | Bay of Islands College


    ĀKAU Futures! enhances other education programmes by captivating, inspiring and building skills with taitamariki who are showing early signs of disconnecting with education.

    The purpose of the ĀKAU Futures! kaupapa is to engage and support taitamariki in education with creative and innovative methods in the design and development of a real project showcasing their ideas. The real project selected by BOIC was derived from a document compiled by the school for the beautification of the college and its surroundings. In this instance it was decided to focus on a signage / mapping project that had been identified to direct people around the school and also beyond the school to other rohe, hapu, awa, maunga etc.


    01 Map: A 3D map at the entrance of school that outlines the different areas of the school and how to get to them. This will also indicate the directions of the different regions and indicate the location of the markers within the school.

    02 Pou Markers: These Markers are located around the school and reference the direction of the different rohe that taitamariki at the school connect to. Each of the markers are unique and represent the rohe it connects to through form, shape, materiality and the way people engage with it. The markers reference traditional pou but incorporate technology to bring together both traditional and contemporary forms of storytelling.

    03 Storytelling: Each of the markers has the ability to educate students through an interactive component which could change and adapt over time. This information will become a live storytelling device that could also have an online presence enabling it to connect with people outside of the school as well as the school’s website or a blog. The technological component may take on the form of QR code, mobile application, a game, augmented reality etc.

    We are developing this project with taitamariki in the 2019 Futures Programme.