Festival for the Future


    ĀKAU Interns

    Festival for the Future was a 3-day event consisting of panels and workshops aimed at getting people to challenge themselves. The workshops were spread across venues along the docks of Wellington with easy access to the markets and stalls that popped up during the event. Yummy snacks were provided during the entire event to keep our brains awake and ready to experience what the festival had in store for us. We had really no idea what to expect going into Festival for the Future. By the end of day one we found that we had more questions than what we arrived with. People talked about the amazing things they had accomplished, the different views they had and all we wanted to know was how? We got to hear of so many people that made a means of giving back to others after setbacks that they themselves struggled with, in the hopes of giving others a chance to experience what they dream of for themselves. By the end of day two we knew that we needed to network with people, so we set out to do just that and spoke to some pretty awesome people. Meeting and talking with other people showed us that so many people have different ways to achieve their goals, even when they fail they just get up again and learn from what went wrong. They value what they are doing and set out to see it come to fruition! The last lesson of the weekend was maybe the most important and looking back it was reiterated to us at least six times: there is never going to be a right time and we need to just start!