Tūtūtarakihi Marae



    In order to live a life fully grounded in Te Ao Maori, this extended whānau is developing their beautiful piece of land to create a new marae, including a wharenui, wharekai, kura, kohanga reo and papakāinga.

    ĀKAU is drawing up the masterplan, and providing full architectural services for all five building types on-site. A full immersion Te Reo Māori workshop was held with the students at the current kura to develop the concepts for their marae. As always, the tamariki came up with great ideas for the design. They explored the sound cicadas make, after the name Tūtūtarakihi. The buildings are simple, with traditional forms and efficient layouts that provide flexibility for future inhabitation. The use of landscaping, material selection and building orientation all tell the story of the people of Tūtūtarakihi. Currently under review for resource consent, the next phase for this project involves further client consultation and creative workshops; developing the design to encapsulate the dreams of this whanau.

    Housing a return to traditonal Māori values