We create awesomeness in communities throughout Aotearoa by engaging taitamariki in the design of real projects.

Ka tūtaki ai te wai ki te whenua

To us, ĀKAU is the place where water meets land.

  • WAI | water

    Be fluid! We continually learn and adapt what we do to better ourselves, our taitamariki and our community.

  • WHENUA | land

    Be grounded! We value where we all come from. We cultivate lasting relationships based on honesty and warmth.

  • TŪTAKI | meeting point

    Connect! We bring people, places and ideas together.



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Meet our Whānau

  • Co-founder - BDesn – Interior Architecture (Hons)

    Following extensive experience as an interior architect in Aotearoa and overseas, Ana moved to Kaikohe in 2014 motivated to create change through youth engagement. With both parents buried in Ngawha, her personal story drives the ĀKAU Kaupapa. As a strong connection between ĀKAU and the local community, Ana steers our waka with integrity and warmth.

  • Co-founder – MArch (Distinction) ANZIA ARBV

    As an award winning registered architect with more than 14 years experience, Felicity uses her creative and technical skills to take ĀKAU projects from dream to reality. Managing the ĀKAU studio with precision and passion, she ensures that every built project is a success.

  • Co-founder – MArch (Hons)

    Ruby is an exceptional artist and architectural designer, with extensive experience in youth and community engagement. She is adept at connecting with taitamariki and coming up with innovative teaching methods. Continually adapting ĀKAU’s philosophy, Ruby keeps our youth programmes fresh, fun and productive.

  • Non-executive director

    This title sounds flash – and it is. Colin currently works in financial regulation keeping an eye on big corporations. He brings to our board years of experience in governance, finance and legal matters.

  • Youth Intern

  • Business administrator

  • Youth Intern

  • Architectural Graduate - MArch (Hons)

  • Architectural Assistant - BAS