Kaikohe Basketball Court

Basketball Court and surrounding areas designed with taitamariki from Kaikohe.
This project was been driven by the local Kaikohe community and ĀKAU were engaged to complete the design. We worked with a rōpu of community members interested in seeing the basketball court be a colourful community space, whanau friendly and unique to Kaikohe. The design of the court was inspired by the mahi of a rōpū of kōtiri from Kaikohe Intermediate.

The Niho Taniwha design is about moving forward together in formation with the leader being flanked by their peers. It talks of mahitahi and leadership. In this concept you can see each half of the court being represented by a different colour, Kikorangi represents wai as in waiora and life, karaka as in Ahikā, fire and energy. They are bright and bold colours like our taitamariki. The pattern is kept within the boundaries of the court representing the energy and flow within the court. The kowhai circle unites everyone together.