Kaikohe Intermediate

To create a meaningful interior design alongside taitamariki
During two half-day workshops, a group of Year 8 students got a taste of designing a real project. Taking inspiration from the tukutuku panels in their marae and the stories they know from their ancestors, the students came up with a concept. After analysing the architectural plans and making a scale drawing of the classroom, they drew up some designs on grid paper. We then worked with the students to develop what they had, and tie all their ideas together. The students got so much satisfaction out of the end result! Seeing a drawing made into reality was a real thrill.
The green represents Papatūānuku, and our maunga and life. The blue means Ranginui. The grey is all about the people. Each tile represents each person that has been there before and also those who will come after us. The poutama pattern represents the stairway to heaven and learning. Each step means you’re getting better and better each day and moving up.
Student from Kaikohe Intermediate