Te Whakaaronui

Design, wānanga, whakawhanaunga and mana enhancing practices as a result of deliberate action
Te Roopu Taurima tangata and participants in the Northland Youth Summit 2018 worked to create elements of Te Whakaaronui, with the collaborative guidance of ĀKAU.

Te Whakaaronui represents design, wānanga, whakawhanaunga and ultimately focuses on mana enhancing practices as a result of deliberate action.

At the Northland Youth Summit in 2018, participants visited the wall space, and in a workshop space with ĀKAU, explored the idea of respecting the past - our culture and heritage - in order to foster growth in the present and future. Looking at the story of Maui slowing down the sun and the tension between innovation and traditional or environmental processes, the group looked to the future and the exploration of space and technology. The past and the future are connected through the present, and we showed that with the tree of knowledge and the human connection to nature. Music is also interwoven throughout the design as waiata brings people together.

Following on from this initial piece of design work, ĀKAU then led a workshop with Te Roopu Taurima tangata, who explored personal values, their experiences of the environment of Whangārei, and how they feel part of Te Roopu Taurima. The large coloured elements of the work are the visual outputs from this workshop, with the exploration of these pūtake concepts drawn out through various creative processes to create their contribution to the work.

Te Roopu Taurima are a kaupapa Māori service that supports people of all ethnicities with intellectual impairments around New Zealand. We provide residential and vocational support to clients, known as tangata, as well as out of family respite care, caregiver support, high and complex needs support, and choices in community living.

The Northland Youth Summit Arts Festival aims to provide a space for ‘you’ to develop the confidence to speak-up about the issues that matter to them and their communities. The summit promotes leadership, self-awareness and identity using creativity to give ‘Voice.’

ĀKAU strives to empower whānau and tamariki to shape their future and their community through creativity and design. We help tamariki recognise and harness the creativity of their tupuna by involving them in tangible projects that have real impact for taitamariki, their whānau and their community.

spacelamp is focused on creating places for good - creating spaces that are empowering and supportive of community projects focused on climate justice, equity and abundance for all. We hope this, and our other artworks in Whangārei, help you thrive in some way.